Payment plugin
for your token sale
Sell tokens directly on your website
Accept a variety of coins for payment
Support for airdrops and rewards
List your token for public trading (Oct 20)
Compliance support via ComplyAPI
✶ Fee 2%. No setup cost.
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Tokentrade greatly simplifies the cumbersome and difficult process of setting up token sales by offering a plugin to sell tokens directly from your web page without users ever leaving your website.

The plugin is easy to use and configure, as integrating it into your website is a matter of simple copy and paste. Our plugin gives your users multiple options and great flexibility in purchasing your tokens with a variety of cryptocurrencies or other choices. Integrated support for airdrops, soft-cap, bonuses, partners, affiliates and more...


Dashboard allows you to stay in full control. Affiliate links with referral reward. Airdrop codes with a token reward when users activate. Immutable list of partners who receive % reward from each sale. Automatic refunds if soft-cap conditions are not met until a certain date. Fiat P2P sales - investors deposit money directly into your bank account. Tokens are released when proof of payment is submitted.


Depositing, trading, and withdrawing is dead simple. Tokentrade's main goal is to make tokens accessible to mainstream customers.

All tokens and coins have wallet support. Users can deposit, withdraw or trade tokens with a click of a button.


Our job is to make sure you don't have to worry about technical details, blockchain integration, wallets, escrows, payment UI etc... We also ensure your funds are safe and the system scales seamlessly with increased web traffic.

Supported payment coins
Through conversion (ShapeShift)
Customer flow
Customer lands to your token sale page
Customer clicks 'Buy tokens' button
Tokentrade calculates amounts based on current exchange rates
Customer signs in
Payment confirmed
Atomic swap between your and customer's wallet
Transaction completed
Is it easy to setup?
Yes. Plus we'll do it for you, for free.
Start by sending us an email with the information about how are you planning to use Tokentrade. We'll set you up in no time.
Are you a blog / review site?
Integrate one or more token sale buy buttons directly into your website. Users can purchase tokens without leaving the page (the plugin works as a popup). Integration is a matter of simple copy and paste of HTML code into your page. Every time user buys tokens through your buy button, you receive the affiliate reward.